Sunday, 13 December 2015

We pay several times for each badly-run country

We pay several times for each badly-run country.

We benefit once, or I do, because I'm wearing Primark's cheapest jeans.

We pay in having fewer jobs, because there's less rag trade here.

We pay in having fewer taxes for the same reason.

We pay because our politicians send our army to those poor and unstable parts of the world that have no secondary education or welfare state.

We pay in having unstable desperate parts of the world that refugees and economic migrants leave, overcrowding parts of the UK.

We probably pay in the spread of disease - thinking more about African governments which choose not to set-up a health service.

We pay 0.7% of our GDP, out of our taxes, towards the social services bills of badly-run countries like Bangladesh. Pakistani taxpayers pay less than that for their own few state hospitals, and many Pakistani MPs do not even bother to pay Pakistani tax. It's probably the same in Bangladesh or India.

So we have all paid six times for my pair of trousers and politicians' failure to write a proper tariff against goods from badly-run countries. That's before any ultuism towards people in Bangladesh. My jeans are beginning to feel a bit special now!

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