Sunday, 13 December 2015

"On a journey ... with a long way to go"

Ethical Trading Initiative members are "on a journey ... with a long way to go", says ETI's vice chair. One possible positive thing: "UK Government support the UN business and human rights agenda and that we are awaiting a document on the human rights and democracy programme from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which is co-ordinating the policies of 12 government departments. I wish it luck in this. Can the Minister tell us when the document is likely to be published?"

planB4fashion This man is vice-chair of Ethical Trade Initiatve, a subsidised trade association for companies that import from the third world and worry about it. Which is fine. So his speech is about third world production, just because that's his expertise. Also the chair of the committee hasn't mentioned UK jobs and has agreed to speak at a trade association that cautions people against buying british goods on ethical grounds. So it would be a change if she started trying to promote UK production. And some of the government funded projects managed by this agency were organised by the son of another committee member, who works at Centre for Sustainable Fashion. So that's three committee members who are unlikely to talk about UK production.

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