Monday, 14 December 2015

indian employees state insurance It turns out that India does have a national insurance system for a lot of people. It covers people in formal employment and provides hospital insurance. There is also a national assistancfe scheme for the rural poor, and I think a universal cheap rice ration for people willing to queue with ID. I don't count this as enough to qualify for free tariff access to the UK, because I think the UK system is better and more expensive to producers, but it's good to say what's already been done and that it's a good thing.

As in the UK, the government has its much bigger tax-funded system for things like sending rockets to the moon, so, as in the UK, the government needs pressure to spend less on the moon and more on national insurance and subsidies for the benefits some people can't afford. (As in the UK, employers are meant to hide the cost a bit by having their own bureaucratic duty to contribute.) I don't know if there is a system like this in Bangladesh - does someone else know?

Answered later: no. There is a system of teaching hospitals and referral rights from out-of town doctors, there are charities, and there is private insurance. Survivers of the Rana Plaza collapse were dealt-with by unpaid volunteers working extra hours at the nearest teaching hospital.

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