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ethical fashion PR invented 2005

ethical fashion PR invented 2005

The meaningless phrase "ethical fashion" was invented in September 2005 in London, and searches peaked with news stories about ethical fashion shows for firms like Terra Plana was another government-sponsored exibition of the usual suspects - Terra Plana for example - which our taxes helped show at
  • Crafts Council Gallery: 23 Mar to 4 Jun 2006
  • The City Gallery, Leicester: 15 Jul to 26 Aug 2006
  • The Design Centre, Barnsley: 7 Sep to 20 Oct 2006
  • City Museum & Records Office, Portsmouth: 4 Nov 2006 to 7 Jan 2007
  • Bilston Craft Gallery, Wolverhampton: 20 Jan to 3 Mar 2007
  • Estethica room at London Fashion Week, various dates starting 2005 says something about the formatting of an ethical fashion PR press release that's meant not to promote UK manufacturing but sell the competition from China instead. In other words to say it's "ethical" to close UK factories.

One of the techniques used to sell sweatshop products is to say that torture by Nike contractors and their autocratic states is better than torture by henchmen of the East India Company, who cut of the thumbs of rival loom owners. So: you see a speech my a rep from some far-eastern trade union about injustice there and think "at least she still has her thumbs: things are getting better". I think this is an unfair example of progress to pick. I don't know the source for the story, but if the East India Company still existed it would have its own PR office to rebuff claims from rival Nike.

PlanB4fashion is a link to this ethical fashion blog on a single long page
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