Tuesday, 3 September 2013

V and A misses the lack of a welfare state in Bangladesh

Serious concerns are often raised about exploitative working conditions. End of story.

http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/w/what-is-ethical-fashion/ - This summery doesn't notice that clothes are made in countries without a welfare state and nobody is doing anything about it! - the nearest they get to a grumble is "Serious concerns are often raised about exploitative working conditions", and then they interview people from a google of "fashion" rather than "manufacturing".

There is nobody on the debating floor who makes clothes in the UK, which is odd in a museum funded by UK taxpayers. So the hosts think it's OK to claim a grant from the Department of Culture Media and Sport of the Arts Council, but don't think it a bit rude to leave out the more important things that taxes pay for when they're choosing guest speakers.

There are no speakers who have ever claimed benefits, or used free schooling or the NHS by the look of it, unless they put that difference between UK production and Bangladeshi production in an entirely separate part of their mind that doesn't talk to the public part.

[first linked 01.06.13]

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