Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion all party group

House of Commons - Register Of All-Party Groups as at 24 July 2013: Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion work with the fashion industry to: develop political solutions that address issues such as the environmental impact of excessive consumption; assess what the key issues are… Centre for Sustainable Fashion, part of the London College of Fashion, acts as the group’s secretariat, with assistance from Made-By.

Two odd things.

First, the group has no obvious funding but it does have a treasurer. They do not have to declare their accounts and I know of no public accounts for them.

Second, the group reads a script very similar to that put-out by Futerra Communications. They tried taking an independant line when first set-up, with a speech put together from the House of Lords Library, but then they had a second westminster hall debate making speeches in the more usual format. The one that slithers from the vague word "ethical" to the pale word "sustainable" while you're not looking; the one that answers its own question "what is ethical fashion?", and the one that hasn't heard of a welfare state as a way of reducing poverty, and the one that pretends manufacturing is impossible in the UK and that instead we taxpayers benefit hugely from the chains of expensive shops with all their warehousing and PR that we all enjoy in our shopping centres.

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