Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Release trade data: who makes socks? or T shirts?

Release trade data

There used to be careful trade directories in reference libraries, which would tell you where to get stuff made. The Shoe Trades Directory for example. Not any more. The fashion trade, like most trades, needs government to help find lists of potential UK suppliers.


Release data from VAT and Income Tax records of what companies are in what trades. Data from Companies House is already available via companies like Duedil. If more of this raw data were available, there would be more chance of a commercial company or an initiative like "Lets Make it Here" being good at what it sets out to do, and getting a proper list of factories, techniques used, materials often stocked, minimum orders, price bands, and so-on.

[first written 9.5.13 on facebook as notes towards some kind of leaflet to hand-out outside an ethical fashion show]

Planb4fashion is a blog by Veganline.com which is a vegan shoe shop

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