Sunday, 8 September 2013

Not sure if Baroness Young called activists a hinderence - it mighthave been in a discussion that wasn't on video

I watched the free video of her speech: glad I'm not the only one to think it weird!

  • No mention of a welfare state as a way of reducing poverty.

  • No mention of American tariffs on a token amount of Bangladeshi products being raised.

  • No mention of an EU parliamentary motion reminding the Bangladeshi government of its commitments.

I had used to tip her off about Ethical Fashion Forum's position, and to urge her to mention the political world outside.

Sadly, Ethical Fashon Forum isn't just for the big business insiders who appear as "experts" and run "masterclass" events. It's a pop-up lobby that has only existed for a few years, and sprang-up at the same time as some taxpayer-funded lobby groups, Esthetica at London Fashion Week, The Centre for Sustainability in Fashion at London College of Fashion, Own-It, and the one that sponsored "Making it Ethically in China", Creative Connexions. Creative Connexions closed after swallowing millions of pounds of higher education funding council money, but the others are influential lobby groups and highly selective in what they choose not to say. They would be pleased with Baroness Young's speech.
Baroness Young calls activists a hinderance | Ms Wanda's
Baroness Young calls activists a hinderance | Ms Wanda's The Source Summit last week Baroness Young called “puritanical activists” a “hinderance”. Fashion Mob founder, Esther Freeman, thinks she’s…

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