Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Muhammad Yunus quotes - Savar Tragedy, Garments Industry & Bangladesh



Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh was on Newsnight last night promoting a voluntary doubling of the minimum wage to 50 cents, promoted by consumer pressure on international buyers. "Four million peasant girls come to the city", he said; "we need a little bit of room". "There is a lot you can do with another 25 cents an hour". The Daily Star, below, quotes him as saying that civil society (hinting that this means factory inspectors, police, laws, benefits agencies, government, elite groups) are as broken in Bangladesh as well as buildings and so concentrates on a private sector solution to poverty. This was criticised in the Huffington Post - quoting the facebook page below for example - as a token and ineffective solution without even any support from labour groups. He is also silent about western trade blocs with their tariff system that undermines a welfare state in Europe and the USA as well as preventing one from forming in Bangladesh.

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