Thursday, 5 September 2013

Good luck with the people power speech

Source Summit from the Ethical Fashion Forum | Ms Wanda's
Source Summit from the Ethical Fashion Forum | Ms Wanda's first event of it’s kind, the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Source Summit 2012 brings together people from around the world. Be there to be inspired.

Good luck with your people power speech!

I hope you urge delegates to thank their euro MPs (via for their non-legislative motion on Bangladesh, with its threat of changing the 0% tariff if the Bangladeshi government doesn't meet human rights targets. I'm no expert on what they are, but I think that recognition of legal trades unions is one of the areas where they need to change the law - there's a lot of detail quoted in the motion.

I hope your urge delegates to ask their Euro MPs to go further, and require some kind of national insurance scheme in every country that gets 0% tariff access to the European market. I think this is what reduced poverty in the UK over 100 years ago (along with health education and secondary schools for girls), and in parts of Germany 169 years ago. So governments in Bangladesh have kept the people waiting 169 years for a national insurance system and I don't think we can expect it to happen any time soon, just because there is a bit more trade nowadays, unless European governments pressure them to change.

John Robertson

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