Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ethical Fashion Source Summit

It was possible to register for live viewing of some of the ethical fashion source summit. I just be watched bits. One surprise is that their 300 "Call to Action" results so far are generally polite calls to government, mainly calls to western governments to pressure Bangladeshi government, followed by calls to trade and consumers.

They still have not got specific in what they publish about trade block's ability to influence third world countries through tariff conditions. Nor do they mention any kind of welfare state - either in publicising the benefits of welfare states and using them as a sales point for goods made in them, nor in using tariffs to allow third world governments to introduce something like a national insurance scheme without loosing great market share as the price of their goods rise.

For example it was mentioned that Kenya is likely to get its 0% tariff with the EU renewed without any benefits to people who want affordable schools healthcare and pensions, and not to be undercut in the labour market by people who go without. is where to give your own response, if Ethical Fashion Forum accept it

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